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It is a simple question you have to ask yourself - spend time with your client and helping them in getting better or spend too much time with repetitive manual administrative tasks that are required to keep everything going. Coachingzoom is enabling you to use an integrated online tool for all your major administrative task, from anywhere on any device. As a result you spend more quality time with your client or with some extra time for yourself. It is a win-win as we call it!

About Coachingzoom

Jochen and Daniel solve a problem they both encountered in their side job as a tennis coach - how to focus on serving client while making the necessary administration less time consuming. Therefore they talked to +100 coaches from all different sorts of areas (tennis, yoga, golf, ski, music, etc.) to find out what is the common stitch that everybody is scratching... So they headed off to create the first version of Coachingzoom, which focuses on the following business suite for all coaches: contact management, scheduling and invoice management!